Elle Nurse

I'm a visual artist, and a horticulturist. I like to make gardens and art, and this is a blog that's meant to be about both of those things. I am also trying to train my cats to make me cappuccino - I'll keep you all updated on how that's going.


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Pink drink bachelorette for beautiful Amanda small! @hularoo @annacmathew

Sadly, Kim Crawford was out of town tonight, so I had to have a conversation with Maria instead. #gettinmydrankon #longweekend #farmersdayoff

Handmade barn pulley #antiquedarmmachinery

Worlds most beautiful pulley

Gorgeous cover crop at patchwork gardens farm tour today #organicfarming #covercrops

Someone stashed their wrigley’s in my Balkan geraniums. #grossout

Amanda makes me a farm stand floor spell #witchfarmer #buddieswithskillz

A glowing space orb. #hoophouse

Night-time tomato harvest for tomorrow’s delivery to Mama Earth Organics. #maximumfreshness #heirloomtomato

Carson enjoys a quality snuggle.

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