Elle Nurse

I'm a visual artist, and a horticulturist. I like to make gardens and art, and this is a blog that's meant to be about both of those things. I am also trying to train my cats to make me cappuccino - I'll keep you all updated on how that's going.


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Carson has a lot of human emotion. #dwarfnigeriangoat #wether #goatswithsoulfuleyes

It’s so great to have helpful neighbours with really, really, really big machinery. #community

Barn cat adorableness #barncats #kitteh

Space age physio for tendinitis. #farminjuries


Pork shoulder at the cottage #delish #pasturedpork

Grand bend sunset

Ginger beerrrrrr

Hey eupatorium, you’re looking good!

Artesian spring on my friends farm. Literally the best water I have ever tasted. #cleanwater #artesian

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